Monday, March 31, 2008

Roman, Mia & Jono

Besides having the most darling names, I must say these are some equally cute (and handsome Roman) kids with a ton of personality! It was a bit of work trying to get real smiles (or any from Jono who absolutely refused!) but I adore what we got - some of my most favorites yet! Hope you love them!

This is probably my favorite of the three of them together. In sepia.

I think Lilly would like this one Roman! HEE HEE!

He is just one cool dude!

Beautiful little Mia!

Such gorgeous eyes!

And one more of Mia because it is one of my favorites.

And the few we got of adorable Jono!

I love the look on this face in this one!


Chelsea said...

very cute, Liz. That Mia is so pretty. Love your work, but take care of that growing family of yours.

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ddphotography said...

liz your photos are so great..i love the textures u are using with them as well. i hope ur break from you fast paced life is going well and u are spending tonnes of time with the kids and hubby!

you know i luv you and your work!