Monday, March 31, 2008

Roman, Mia & Jono

Besides having the most darling names, I must say these are some equally cute (and handsome Roman) kids with a ton of personality! It was a bit of work trying to get real smiles (or any from Jono who absolutely refused!) but I adore what we got - some of my most favorites yet! Hope you love them!

This is probably my favorite of the three of them together. In sepia.

I think Lilly would like this one Roman! HEE HEE!

He is just one cool dude!

Beautiful little Mia!

Such gorgeous eyes!

And one more of Mia because it is one of my favorites.

And the few we got of adorable Jono!

I love the look on this face in this one!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Taking a Break

I am officially announcing a photography hiatus. I am taking a much needed break for awhile and won't be accepting any new appointments until further notice. Most of you probably know I am expecting my third baby in October and I also have another job that I work from home. Instead of my time being all about "work, work, work" I am choosing to make it about "family, family, family" for awhile.

For those of you who already have shoots booked, don't worry, we will still do those as planned. For those of you looking to book, you can try an amazing photographer:

I do plan on returning, just not quite sure when yet. I will also be posting a few new shoots in the weeks to come on this blog. Thanks to all of my clients and their adorable kids for trusting me with their memories!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Baby Bam Collection

Jody from Baby Bam Collection enlisted my help to take photographs of her fabulous bamboo products and clothing for her website. We had quite a crazy shoot although with a set of crawling twins and two other babies back to back, it could have been a LOT crazier! The little models she enlisted were too adorable and I know that their mom's and dad's have been anxiously awaiting this sneak peek!

The Babies:

I love this one. He is literally pointing at the sleeper. "See? Look how cute! AND soft!" LOL - And they are super soft!

It's all in the details...

These pants say "Bamboo Baby".

Words cannot express how much I love this one.

See? Good enough to eat!

This little sweetheart had the cutest little demure smiles!

The products:

I love this balm - so do my rough winter hands.

This yummy soap smells like lavender. MMMMMM

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Braden & Ashton

Heather brought her two boys in for a shoot. We are friends and our husbands knew each other in high school. Braden was quite serious and did not want to smile for me AT ALL! He would just stare at me with these huge round eyes and Ashton cried at the beginning of the shoot. I think we did pretty well considering! Hope you love them guys!

Braden SMILING! (kind of?) Yipppeeee!

Most of the time I got this:

And sometimes this, LOL!

I love this one though...

This is my very favorite of Ashton!

But I love this one too...

He has such great skin tone!

I think this is the best one of the two of them together.

And some cute little feet.