Friday, June 26, 2009

The Mathews Family

When I first started photography, the Mathews family was one of my first paying shoots! Since then, they have a new addition and the kiddos have grown quite a lot! Lindsey is a personal trainer and has an awesome website Fit Eats. She is going to help me whip my butt into shape over the summer and if your butt needs shaping, you might want to send her an email :)

What a beautiful family. So far, I think this might be my one of my favorite family shoots. I was excited when they wanted to go urban because that is just too fun with endless possibilities and colors. And I LOVE how these turned out and hope you guys do too!

My favorite! (Click on it for the full effect!)

LOVE THIS! We found this cool sign, a little photoshop magic and how awesome is this!

They were made with love ;)

Caleb is such a cutie!

Brynley totally didn't want to cooperate last time. This time, holy cow! She turned into a little model!

I can't possibly decide which of these I like better!

And sweet Aubrey. I adore this photo. Love the big brown eyes, the little teeth showing, her kissable lips and the YELLOW! This one would look great HUGE!!!

Cheeks and lashes :)

What a fun, easy family to photograph! Can't wait to put our fun plans into works Lindsey!