Friday, September 28, 2007


In an effort to improve the quality of output that my clients are getting, I am now offering PRINT PACKAGES! And they are extremely reasonable - my main objective is to make sure my work turns out the best it can, not to make extra money. Just to give you an idea how reasonable - the cheapest package is $20.00 and the most expensive is $70.00. Not too shabby eh?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Storyboards. Staci.

I am excited to now be offering storyboards! These will be a number of photos from your session mounted on matboard or styrene and personalized if you wish. A 10 x 20 will be offered for a cost of $45.00. I will post a photo of how it hangs on the wall as soon as I get mine :) Here are a couple examples...

My good friend Staci wanted some photos with her adorable daughter Jaylee so we snapped a couple while we were out. Here is how they look Stac!

In a vintage conversion.

And in sepia.

Calling All Seniors!

In attempt to break into the Highschool Senior market, I am asking all of my blog readers to talk to any seniors (or highschool students) that they know and think might be photogenic. I am going to do a free senior shoot for five people... Have a little sister or brother that would be interested? Have them give me a call or send me an email!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Three week old Makenna was the perfect little subject! She slept the entire time and let us do pretty much whatever we wanted with her. I must say... she was so beautiful and sweet - she gave me a bit of the "baby" fever. I could tell mom Mikki was totally in love...

And thankyou to Chelsea, who made me this adorable box and another one that I will showcase later. She has an adorable shop that you can access from her blog. Check it out!

I adore this one. I wish I could sleep like this!

I love this coy little smile.

This one is in a vintage conversion.

Taking a quick peek at what is going on... before she goes back to sleep.

She was enjoying stretching those little legs out!

Since she is truly a gift - I thought it only fitting she sported a bow!

Another favorite.

And just one last one.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Watkins Family

Okay, I don't think I ever got your last name Hillary! LOL You will have to email that to me! I know, I know - I am so very professional!

But here are some of my favorites from the shoot. Sorry they are so late! Let me know which conversions you like.

I swear, I have never seen so many beautiful pairs of eyes in one family.

I love the way this turned out!

A sepia conversion.

Mom and her gorgeous girls. In vintage conversion.

Now you can see where all these kids get their good looks from!

This is my personal favorite from the shoot!

Would you believe she (daughter in the middle) is the second person I did a session with that day who was leaving on a mission in the Philippines! CRAZY!

A face like this gives "flirt to convert" a whole new meaning! LOL

I think the kids had had enough of the pictures thing by the time we started these family photos. They gave me a run for my money. Didn't get a smile but at least they are both looking in the general direction of the camera! LOL

Okay, I am thinking we need to use these pics for the CUTEST CHRISTMAS CARD EVER!

She is such a cutie pie! I have to get a hat like that for Syd! SO CUTE.

You know your child is adorable when my husband comes into the room and goes - cute little girl!

Another of my all time favorites.

A heartbreaker in the making.

A boy and his first love. Vintage conversion.

This one is a textured conversion. I would blow this one up and put it on my wall!

Now I am going to bed. LOL It is late!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Gause Family

I had three shoots back to back this morning! It was just a little bit crazy! The Gause family was the first group. Boy, they sure made my job easy! They were cracking jokes and were great helpers. I must say I think it went fabulously for my first big group! Thanks for making it so easy Gause family! And I have to add a note - is it a rule that to be in the family you have to make the most adorable children ever??? Must be...

Don't forget to click on these for a full sized view!

An example of a "glow" finish.

Mom and her handsome sons! Vintage coversion.

Parents and siblings.

I LOVE how this one turned out. What a great looking bunch!

Okay, I can't even say enough about these!

I LOVE this one in the vintage conversion!

Hello beautiful couple!

Another great one in vintage.

What great genes.

This little cutie gave me a run for my money. She wanted nothing more than to run... away from me. This is the best I could do - and the resolution isn't very good. Mom and dad, you will have to give me a call and bring the girls in to the studio for a reshoot - send me an email!

Another adorable family. Annalee, I hope you have a lot of space on your walls!!!

Here is an example of a textured photo. I can add this to any proof for $5.00. What handsome little guys!

He will be serving a mission in the Philippines - And I think that his sister will miss him!

And the two behind this beautiful clan.

Don't forget to email your addresses!