Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Three week old Makenna was the perfect little subject! She slept the entire time and let us do pretty much whatever we wanted with her. I must say... she was so beautiful and sweet - she gave me a bit of the "baby" fever. I could tell mom Mikki was totally in love...

And thankyou to Chelsea, who made me this adorable box and another one that I will showcase later. She has an adorable shop that you can access from her blog. Check it out!

I adore this one. I wish I could sleep like this!

I love this coy little smile.

This one is in a vintage conversion.

Taking a quick peek at what is going on... before she goes back to sleep.

She was enjoying stretching those little legs out!

Since she is truly a gift - I thought it only fitting she sported a bow!

Another favorite.

And just one last one.


courtneyb said...

understandable, I kinda want one now too.
awesome job.

Chelsea said...

I already have the baby fever. Dang it! turned out cute. Smart to put a ribbon with your name on it to brand them as yours.

And i'm glad that box turned out so well for you! it looks great with her in it!

dev said...

Liz, these are so beautiful i want to cry...i know that sounds melodramatic..but truly they are perfect!

Staci J said...

So so sweet! You are amazing Liz...