Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Gause Family

I had three shoots back to back this morning! It was just a little bit crazy! The Gause family was the first group. Boy, they sure made my job easy! They were cracking jokes and were great helpers. I must say I think it went fabulously for my first big group! Thanks for making it so easy Gause family! And I have to add a note - is it a rule that to be in the family you have to make the most adorable children ever??? Must be...

Don't forget to click on these for a full sized view!

An example of a "glow" finish.

Mom and her handsome sons! Vintage coversion.

Parents and siblings.

I LOVE how this one turned out. What a great looking bunch!

Okay, I can't even say enough about these!

I LOVE this one in the vintage conversion!

Hello beautiful couple!

Another great one in vintage.

What great genes.

This little cutie gave me a run for my money. She wanted nothing more than to run... away from me. This is the best I could do - and the resolution isn't very good. Mom and dad, you will have to give me a call and bring the girls in to the studio for a reshoot - send me an email!

Another adorable family. Annalee, I hope you have a lot of space on your walls!!!

Here is an example of a textured photo. I can add this to any proof for $5.00. What handsome little guys!

He will be serving a mission in the Philippines - And I think that his sister will miss him!

And the two behind this beautiful clan.

Don't forget to email your addresses!


devon said...

LIz, beautiful as always! u really handled a big group fantastically!

courtneyb said...

that textured picture is so cool. love that you are crazy busy and the business is thriving ;)

Staci J said...

What a besutiful family! I love it!!