Thursday, September 13, 2007


Justin is only two months old, although I guess since he was born four weeks early, he is really only 1 month! His Mom and Dad prayed for him for a long time - but my, wasn't he worth the wait! He is so beautiful and wasn't he a little trooper! We kept waking him up over and over and he was very brave... and very tired. And I think mom and I did more talking than picture taking!

Check out this dimple! I am sure he was flirting with me ;) This is an example of vintage conversion mom and dad.

Okay, this one is going into my portfolio for sure! My all time favorite infant photo yet! Doesn't he just melt your heart! I know you aren't a huge fan of black and white mom, but this conversion is amazing!

And here is an example of sepia. AGAIN WITH THAT DIMPLE! Father's you are going to have to lock up your daugthers in about 18 years!!!

Right now he only has eyes for his mom...

And those little lips just say "KISS ME!"

He didn't want to smile for us much but that is okay. His serious face is adorable too! This one looks adorable in vintage...


susan said...

just beautiful liz...I so want you to take some pics of my kids. Some day!

Chelsea said...

So cute! I'm glad you're taking our family pictures on Saturday. Want me to bring those boxes for you then?

Is your email up and running again?

Staci Johnson said...

Oh my goodness! So beautiful Liz, you're so talented!!