Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Watkins Family

Okay, I don't think I ever got your last name Hillary! LOL You will have to email that to me! I know, I know - I am so very professional!

But here are some of my favorites from the shoot. Sorry they are so late! Let me know which conversions you like.

I swear, I have never seen so many beautiful pairs of eyes in one family.

I love the way this turned out!

A sepia conversion.

Mom and her gorgeous girls. In vintage conversion.

Now you can see where all these kids get their good looks from!

This is my personal favorite from the shoot!

Would you believe she (daughter in the middle) is the second person I did a session with that day who was leaving on a mission in the Philippines! CRAZY!

A face like this gives "flirt to convert" a whole new meaning! LOL

I think the kids had had enough of the pictures thing by the time we started these family photos. They gave me a run for my money. Didn't get a smile but at least they are both looking in the general direction of the camera! LOL

Okay, I am thinking we need to use these pics for the CUTEST CHRISTMAS CARD EVER!

She is such a cutie pie! I have to get a hat like that for Syd! SO CUTE.

You know your child is adorable when my husband comes into the room and goes - cute little girl!

Another of my all time favorites.

A heartbreaker in the making.

A boy and his first love. Vintage conversion.

This one is a textured conversion. I would blow this one up and put it on my wall!

Now I am going to bed. LOL It is late!!!


Chelsea said...

Those look great! my favorite one is of us sisters.

Nice job and great to finally meet you. :)

Email me and we'll go to lunch.

Chelsea said...

Hillary's last name is Divis.

dev said...

just stunning as usual!