Thursday, March 13, 2008

Baby Bam Collection

Jody from Baby Bam Collection enlisted my help to take photographs of her fabulous bamboo products and clothing for her website. We had quite a crazy shoot although with a set of crawling twins and two other babies back to back, it could have been a LOT crazier! The little models she enlisted were too adorable and I know that their mom's and dad's have been anxiously awaiting this sneak peek!

The Babies:

I love this one. He is literally pointing at the sleeper. "See? Look how cute! AND soft!" LOL - And they are super soft!

It's all in the details...

These pants say "Bamboo Baby".

Words cannot express how much I love this one.

See? Good enough to eat!

This little sweetheart had the cutest little demure smiles!

The products:

I love this balm - so do my rough winter hands.

This yummy soap smells like lavender. MMMMMM


Marina Downs said...

Liz!! These really are amazing!! And those babies are adorable!!

Chelsea said...

I love the shelf and the beadboard. I think my next bedroom is going to have beadboard wainscoting. LOVE your work. And I agree, that little baby with the charming smile and cutest black hair is adorable! makes me want to adopt...