Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hadley & Kampbell

Beth and Jesse are one of our favorite couples to hang out with. We always have a great time and laugh a LOT! For Beth's birthday, I promised her photos of her two beautiful kids, Hadley and Kampbell. Hadley is the funniest little thing, quoting movies and pulling lots and lots of faces. Kampbell is just... well... beautiful. Seriously. I think he is one of the most beautiful baby boys I know. Those LASHES! Unfortunately, he wanted nothing to do with pictures today and certainly didn't want to give up his binky. We will have to go for round 2 soon.

But Hadley... well, see for yourself!

This is my very favorite. Can you say MODEL?

I am posting way too many. I couldn't resist.

This is my second favorite

Can't forget these cute little piggies!

And Kamp... this is the only one we got of him smiling. You can see how beautiful his eyes are there... wait till you see him with the smile too!

Most of the time he looked like this...

And when we tried to take out his binky...

And this was the only photo I got of him without his binky and not crying.

I will prevail and get those beautiful blues behind my lens one of these days!

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Staci J said...

So so cute, Hadley just has the perfect face for a Gap ad. Love these pics!!!