Sunday, January 6, 2008

Fine Art Prints

I love to photograph nature (nope, not just people, although that is fun too). My father instilled a strong love of nature in me, and I am grateful for photography that allows me to capture a little of it.

Here are some of the photographs I have taken, and if you are interested in purchasing a print, send me an email.

Some of these were taken in northern Michigan this past summer. It is a beautiful, peaceful place. Some were taken right here in Utah.

Going Home

Father and Son

A Good Day

Good Friends

Floating Stars


Chelsea said...

Those are so beautiful, Liz. I know one of my sister's would be possibly interested. Could you email me your price list for prints in size from 8x10 to larger?

devon said...

well u already know i love them! the first one especially and i love love love the father and son beautiful..great tital...your one of a kind liz!

courtneyb said...

love em. how about cards?

Marina Downs said...

Liz! These are amazing!! I want to order one! Can you email me with the prices sizes 8x10 or larger? THanks!

devon said...

i just realized i spelled title a weirdo! lol have i mentioned how much i love the "Father and Son" print? soo gorgeous!