Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Hanks Family

This was the last large group shoot that I had scheduled for the year. The rest will have to wait until spring. What a beautiful, photogenic and fun family! We had originally scheduled this shoot to be outdoors but the weather turned so cold, it was moved inside. I was sick (I hope no one caught it!) and we had to move some furniture, and the whole Christmas tree. I was pretty worried we wouldn't have enough light but I thought I would go and see what we could get. I had to up my ISO as high as it would go and so these photos turned out a little more grainy than I would like, but I think it definitely adds some fun texture to the photographs and they turned out much better than I had anticipated on my way to the shoot. Now for the million photos... LOL

Vintage conversion.

Funny Faces in sepia.

The darling couple responsible for this beautiful bunch.

I love this one. Especially the three boys in the front!

And now for the beautiful grandchildren!

I have to say this one goes in my top ten favorites for the year!

I was editing this photo when my husband Dave walked by and said he wished he had hair like that!

Okay little Curtis definitely has the biggest, bluest, most sparkly eyes I have ever seen on a baby!


Heather Walker said...

What a gorgeous Family! But I don't think that the Hanks could possibly take a bad picture.. Even grandma Cracker! They turned out great!

The Jackson Three said...

Liz - they did turn out great! I can't wait to see the rest of them! Thanks so much for making things work out so well!

courtneyb said...

The interior of that house is perfect. It adds a unique touch.

devon said...

i think they are quite lovely! it gave it a personal feeling to have them in their livingroom..well done as always..i dont think u can take a bad pic! adorable family!