Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ambree, Bailey, and Brielle Nielson

These three came into the studio for a shoot on Friday. My first set of twins! They were an active pair but with mom's help we managed to wrangle them enough to get some really cute shots. Big sister Ambree had the FUNNIEST faces and kept me laughing.

Bailey & Brielle, in the buff. TOO CUTE!

Bailey did not want to smile at me, no matter what. But check out those eyes!

Brielle on the other hand, lit up whenever we sang itsy bitsy spider - such a little personality already!

Ambree was too cute and very cooperative!

This would be my vote for the Christmas card!


devon said...

oh so so so cute!

Chelsea said...

These are so cute! I seriously love your studio. I'm emailing you! I need a set up a photo shoot.