Saturday, January 12, 2008

Farrah & Josh

I was excited when Farrah sent me an email saying they would be in town from Austin and wanted to do a shoot. I knew Josh and Farrah from my old neighborhood in Springville, the were Blake's Nursery teachers! They have been married for almost 10 years and it has been awhile since they had photos taken together. More couples need photos of themselves I think (Dave and I included!). We headed to downtown Salt Lake City for this one. They were SO much fun to hang out with and I had to remind myself that I was working because I couldn't stop chatting! I am so happy with what we got - I hope you guys are too! Hope you had a safe flight Josh!

Okay, this one is TOO CUTE!

Okay, it is a tough call but this is my favorite from the shoot. Just the way you are looking at him Farrah! Not to mention you are gorgeous!

Or this one, with a little texture!

And that gorgeous hair!

We took this one for fun!

The way she looks at you Josh, I think she plans to keep you!


Josh said...

Thanks Liz! The pictures look awesome!! Farrah and I both had a great time with you this morning. I think you've just become our official photographer. So be prepared to make lots of trips down to Austin. :)

The Campbell Family said...

Those are fantastic Liz. They look very in love!!
Your work is gorgeous...the models are too of course.

Farrah said...

Liz, they're sooooo great! Who knew you could make us look that good! Thanks again! We had such a fun time with you and plan on hearing from us in the future!

courtneyb said...

they are such a fun couple and I love the graffiti wall picture!!