Friday, November 23, 2007

Sayda & Kesyn

I had a shoot with Sayda and Kesyn today. Kesyn was the happiest baby I have ever worked with! Smiles galore - a photographers dream! Sayda was a little more shy but so darling... And their mom Jamie brought the cutest things, that girl knows how to SHOP!


Sayda. I love the color in this one. And she is too cute!

My very favorite... In hand tinted conversion.

In sepia... ok, this one is my favorite too!

This is the cutest thing. I would so use this to embarrass her as a teenager!

Alright, I just can't decide which is my favorite (or which ones to post for that matter!)

I love this one in the vintage conversion.

Another one I love in vintage.

Just one more...

Oh wait. Just kidding. One more...


Jamie said...

I love those pics. It is not possible to pick a favorite!!

Amber said...

Liz, you are rockin your studio girlie!! Love seeing all the cuties you get to play with! Happy Holidays! We'll be out for Christmas!!