Sunday, November 4, 2007

Meet the Erickson's.

I had a great shoot with Tiffany and Ross and their kids, Katlyn and Logan. Katlyn was SO easy and well behaved and Logan... well, he was full of 'tude and didn't like me from the start! It made for some cute pouty photos though! I had the hardest time deciding what to post! I edited over 20 photos tonight so narrowing it down was NOT easy.

Okay, this one would be my Christmas card. See the spunk in this little guy?

My favorite more serious shot in sepia.

And yes, she was as sweet as she looks!

I adore this one in black and white. You might have a hard time choosing!

Again with the cute pout!

Cute couple - and me playing in photoshop. Click on this one for the full effect.

All I can say is... EYES!

This is just too GQ! I know - I am a dork.

Ok, just one more and I am going to bed. You will see why I HAD to post this one...

Good night!

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