Monday, November 5, 2007


Jana and Dave brought their 12 week old daughter Brooklyn in for a session this morning. This is a hard age because babies this old don't sleep as much, don't hold their heads up, and don't sit up. Which kind of leaves you with lots of lying around.

Brooklyn was all smiles to start off but quickly got tired of us constantly moving her around and dressing/undressing her. All in all, she was a trooper and the sweetest little baby! Her grandmother actually made her blessing gown... and you could tell that Jana and Dave (his baby girl already has him wrapped around her finger!) were completely smitten with their little sweetheart.

These were the cutest little booties I have ever seen!

I just love hand tinted photos...

A too sweet sepia.

And a storyboard. Just for fun!

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Katie Ryan said...

What a doll!! Jana, she is LOVELY! Diz, what a great job. Ya just keep getting better and better!