Monday, October 22, 2007

The Robbins Family

I had a shoot with Kersten and Scott and their beautiful kids Ashley, Jackson, Noel and Sierra (I hope I spelled those right!). They were so fun and full of smiles and we got some of my all time favorite family shots! Sorry this is so late Kersten and Scott... I just finished editing these!!! I couldn't stop once I started! I will continue to add to these so if you are checking now... keep refreshing your page!

I love this one in sepia!

She is definitely the baby of the family! TOO CUTE!

Dad, you are going to have to get a good strong door cause the boys are going to be beating it down! Look at these girls!

And handsome Jackson - heartbreaker to be.

Sierra - little darling! Breaking in my new red rocking horse!

And the two faces behind this beautiful bunch:

And my two favorites. (The last is my very very very very favorite).

This to me, captures the way families should be. Thanks Robbins family for such a great time!


Katie Ryan said...

I absolutely LOVE these pictures!!! What a cute family!! They should be in a magazine! Great job Diz!

Staci J said...

These are darling as usual! You pick all the model families for your shoots huh...:)

Scott & Kersten said...

LIz!!!! These are awesome!! You are amazing. I can't wait to see them all!

courtneyb said...

soo cool. love the location.