Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Krissy and Kendall

I had a session with these two adorable girls and their equally adorable mother. Heather, you are going to LOVE these. Those are two beautiful girls you have there!

Kendall. These are the biggest, roundest eyes I have ever seen on a baby!

Krissy did NOT want to ever take off her ballerina costume. I think she has already chosen a career...

One of my personal favorites from the shoot.

Check out that eye color!

Hand tinted. This is her happy eyes smile! LOL

And beautiful mom. This is a chocolate conversion Heather. You will have to let me know what you like the best!


Katie Ryan said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Ok, I think I leave the same comment everytime but I absolutely LOVE THESE!!!! EGAT you are talented and what perfect little models. I love the ballerina one where you coloured in her cheeks a little bit!!! Ugh, ya never cease to amaze me diz!

Staci J said...

What beautiful eyes! Both of them! I love that tiny little bonnet, and the ballerina shots are priceless! I look forward to seeing all your new gorgeous subjects and creative photos:)

courtneyb said...

it sure does help when you have adorable subjects ;) your talent is really blossoming!! I can tell with each new shoot.

Chelsea said...

Oh my gosh! what cute cute kids. I love her big eyes, too!