Friday, October 26, 2007

The Jonas Family

I had a shoot with Jody, Scott, Keegan and Kanyon (Jody let me know if I spelled those wrong!) this afternoon. Keegan and Kanyon were the cutest little boys and very different! Keegan was so obedient and would do anything I asked him to. Kanyon on the other hand... he wanted to roam free and would give me the best smiles as soon as I pointed the camera somewhere else! What a fun family...

Sweet little Keegan!

Spunky little Kanyon!

Check out those eyes on mom!!!

Scott in sepia.

Okay, this is one of my favorites. Can't you just see Keegan thinking "OH BROTHER!!!".

Another favorite - this one would totally be my Christmas Card!


jody said...

Liz, you did a great job...and I can't believe how fast you got the pictures up! I think I am going to have a few to choose from for Chirstmas cards!! I absolutely love the one of Kanyon crying with Keegan in the background!

Chelsea said...

That's a cute family! I love the one you like as a christmas card, too. cute sweaters mom found for her boys.

Looks like you're staying soooo busy!