Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Brown Family

Oh my word. This has got to be one of my favorite family shoots to date. You might be able to tell because if you look at the time on this post, it is WAYYYY too late and I am STILL up editing it because I just can't stop. I love this family. Dad is an amazing artist and Mom does triathalons! And hello... have you ever seen such adorable kiddos? I have photographed the kids twice now. Once when I was still pretty new and then again when baby Charlotte was born. This was my first time getting to photograph the entire family - aren't they the cutest!!!

(and I think this might be one of my most favorite family pics EVER!)


I just love the way her eyes pop in this one that I had to post both!



Charlotte. What a little dumpling.

She didn't want to sit still but that is ok. A photo op for the cute pudgy baby-ness.

OK. So I love this one too. I laughed out loud when I pulled it up, I just love the way the kids are looking, Cloe is laughing, Abbey looks slightly embarrased and Brody is moving in to get a better view. Even Charlotte got in on the action!

I love this one for its candid nature. And the color!

Mommy got all the kisses tonight. I love this one. Who doesn't want to remember those sweet open mouth kisses. You could only enjoy slobber like that from a baby!

(I did get a good one of Mom & Dad together but I had just finished editing it and accidentally exited photoshop before I had saved it! UGGG! Seeing as it is 1:21 am, I am going to add that one sometime tomorrow and GET TO BED! LOL)


courtneyb said...

I am dyeing, this are amazing! And I love how you captured my kids so perfectly. This kissing one is hilarious. And I already saw 3 potential Christmas cards! And I also now need ideas on how to hang this many pictures in my house! love them all!

d d p h o t o g r a p h y said...

oh liz! you are so talented! love the locations..what a beautiful family :)

Tay said...

Liz those are awesome! I love the coloring in them! And, what a fun location. I can't believe how grown up all of Court's kido's are! (And if you read this Courtney I love the kids clothes!)

Amber said...

great job Liz! What a cute family! Love your location!

rsbart said...

Liz, these look professional. That might be a weird thing to say, but it means a lot to me to have photos that are artistic and professional Thank you so much for doing these for us. They're beautiful.

Staci J said...

I love these! Gorgeous family, gorgeous location! Way to go Lizzy...