Thursday, August 27, 2009

Brooke & Allyson

When I was first starting out with my photography, I did a session for Brooke & Allyson. They were much smaller THEN.

Well, it was that time again, and these two were GREAT subjects. Very well behaved and a lot of fun. And what cutie pies!

There were so many cute ones, I have been editing since we left each other and I couldn't decide which to post so I am posting a LOT of them!

This might be my favorite from the session.

Little lady Allyson.

You can tell she likes getting her picture taken!

She is so cute. You just want to squeeze her!

She is a firecracker but you can't tell in this photo!

What a beautiful pair!

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mostly Stacy said...

I love the one of them cheek to cheek.... that's priceless! What beautiful little girls.