Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Mathews Family

I had a shoot with the Mathews family this morning bright and early. They are the most darling family and I was excited to be able to shoot them but it didn't go quite as planned... they were having a Celtic fair or something at our first planned location, sprinklers on full force at our second location and little Brynley did not want to cooperate for our family photos. I did manage to get a couple beautiful ones of the kids alone and some of mom and dad together. We are going to try again for a family photo in-studio in a few weeks. I did get some great shots though...

I had to paste this one on a blank sheet because it wouldn't let me post it... I think it was the dimensions. Just click on photo to see it in a larger format.

Caleb and Brynley both have such beautiful eyes!

I love the way he is looking at her in this photo.

I LOVE this one of Brandon and Caleb - this would look great blown up and wrapped on canvas!

Another one that would look great blown up - you have to click on these to get the full effect.

And unfortunately this is the closest we came to a decent, facing the camera, family photo. Oh well, if at first you don't succeed, see you in a few weeks!!!


courtneyb said...

lynds you look gorgeous!
and great photos

Lindsey said...

Thanks court!

Thanks so much liz! We had so much fun with you today! Brynley hasn't stopped talking about the "Dora Bridge". ("Cool Dora Bridge" "Hi dora bridge", etc.)

Lindsey said...

BTW, we love the pics so far! You do an amazing job!

Karin said...

These photographs are great! Nice job!


Staci said...

You don't even need a disclaimer Liz, these shots are beautiful! You're the best!

Amy said...

Liz, you keep getting better and better. Awesome!