Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blake and Sydney

Blake and Syd have been begging me to take pictures of them lately, so today we did a little impromptu shoot. Blake being the very loving brother that he is wanted to get pictures of him hugging Sydney, she wasn't quite as cooperative but I did get a couple cute ones.

Sydney being uncooperative.

This one cracks me up. Every time I put on this hat, Syd goes cross-eyed trying to see the brim!


Chelsea said...

That first one of your little girl is really very precious. I think her lack of cooperation gave you a great shot!

And seriously, your kids are two of the cutest things I've seen!

Katie Ryan said...

That's my girl Sissy!!!! hahahah I totally saved that pic of her cross eyed as my desktop background. Makes me miss them though!

Bryony said...

Good for people to know.