Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Unbelievably cute!

I had a great session with Cruz and Jaylee. Cruz was teething and a little sick and not in the best of moods but I managed to wrangle a couple decent shots out of him. We will need a do-over sometime in the future! Jaylee on the other hand - wow. There are a million pics of her posted because how could I possibly decide? Mom and Dad, I am thinking you should look into modeling, it could pay for college!!!

This is one of my faves...

Jaylee's eyes make me hate black and white!

Wasn't kidding when I said I couldn't choose!

A cup of Cruz!


Larry N. Johnson said...

Yes, agreed, our grandkids are "unbelievably cute".

Very nice camera work!!

Larry & Shirley Johnson

Anonymous said...

Oh.. Oh my gosh. I don't know what I'm more in love with, that little girl or your work. It's GORGEOUS Liz!! I can't wait!

Andrea Jorgensn said...

Wow Lizzy!! I love them ALL!!! You are doing great and you've only just begun! I can't wait for our session!!!!
P.S. I want to know who does Staci's brows--they're PERFECT!! Sorry, I'm an eyebrow girl...(wouldn't know by lookin' though-that's why I want to know who does hers) :)

courtneyb said...

A-mazing!!! i cannot wait for you to shoot my children. you might want to after trying a photo session with them! you are so good!

Ally said...

Amazing work done already Lizzy. I am very proud of you. Always knew you had talent. Maybe right before the baby comes, we could do some black and white belly pics with Mckenna in them as well. I would love that, but it would have to be like as soon as you get here because I'm do shortly after!!

Love you lots and miss you tons,
Big Al

Holly said...

you take great pictures! that little blonde is GORGEOUS!

on a side note, you husband looks familiar, were we in the same ward in Springville? we just moved to provo a year ago, and that's how i know courtney brown.

Holly said...

when did you guys move in? we moved into the townhomes in august of 2004. i was in primary, so i never got to know anyone new. plus that ward was always changing. i swear when we moved out we were one of many families that were either coming in or going out.