Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I saw this little boy at Provo Town Mall and couldn't resist telling his dad to bring him in for a free session. He is adorable, and I needed some shots of BOYS! And you can see that I have a good eye for cutie pies!

That hair! I think it looks so great in the vintage conversion!

With a bit of glow so mom and dad can see... You have to click on this one for the full effect.

Just check out the lashes! He gets them from Mom I noticed.

I have a feeling the girls will be banging the door down!


lora said...

holy moly, those eyelashes are amazing! He's just too darling for words. :-)

Chelsea and Ryan said...

oh my gosh! the second to last one in the cute little sweater makes me want to leave work and go get pregnant. That picture is sooo precious! You are seriously sooo talented, chica.

p.s. boxes will be ready by next friday :)

Shanni said...

What a cutie!!! Great shots!