Sunday, June 1, 2008

Aneyla and Bryson

My friend Angela brought her kids over for a mini shoot. She handmade their outfits which they wore on their family vacation to Disneyland... so cute. Bryson was a perfect little model. Aneyla, though looking adorable, did not want to put down the fruitloops and didn't want to take any photos but we managed to get a few cute ones anyway. Hope you like them Ang!


Latida108 said...

Love, Love, Love 'em! Thanks again Liz!

Jennifer said...

I'm totally a fan of these - of course, I'm partial because these adorable kiddos are my niece & nephew. Angela always talks about your beautiful photos, so I keep you on my Google Reader. What a fun surprise to click on your blog and see these cuties! Didn't she do an AMAZING job on their outfits?!