Monday, May 28, 2007


Latida108 said...

Lizzy, you are so amazing, but who didn't already know that! Good Luck, I'm going to call you soon to see if I can set up a time! Luv ya!

M. said...

Liz, Congrats!!! YOu definitely have an eye for this stuff. You are going to do fantastic. I don't suppose you want to fly to Kitchener and take some pics of the Maever? Business expense, no? Matt could even do you a website in exchange...LOL. I love the sepia and black and white and then the one object with colour...those are my favourite kind of pictures. I agree with the less is more (in terms of props). Looking forward to seeing your portfolio grow. Good luck with everything...but you won't need it.
Take care,
luv Susan